Sunday, August 26, 2007

Sunday Supper

Growing up, I always wished my friends and I had a hangout like the Max on Saved by the Bell or the Peach Pit on 90210. Well, we did find a new local place that we liked tonight, but unfortunately our lack of income will prevent us from going to the new neighborhood restaurant, Indian Ocean, all the time.

Indian Ocean has a special place in the hearts of my friends and I. See, when we moved to Van Ness, there was this empty restaurant front that was all boarded up right around the corner from our apartment. We passed it every single day as we walked to the bus.

The months passed, and sometime in late October or November, we see a sign that says that a restaurant called the Coat of Arms will be coming soon. It finally opens in December on the last day of finals, with a knight and pub food. We say we will go there when we come back from break, Coat of Arms is closed and the sign says that Indian Ocean is coming. A few weeks later, it says Coat of Arms is coming back with new management. Then a few weeks later, Indian Ocean sign covers the Coat of Arms sign. Talk about imperial strife.

Anyway, after over a whole year for a restaurant to open, Indian Ocean finally opens and we went there for dinner tonight. The food was tasty, and they say that they use a healthier kind of cooking style. They even figured out that it was my roommate's birthday and brought her out a dessert without any one of us mentioning it.

The best part was that even though it was very nice inside, it still had that family feel. I love those kind of restaurants, but they are far and few in between in the suburb I grew up in because everything was part of a big chain. I love DC and the individual restaurants.

It would great if our friends and I could be the "locals" that the owners knew, but alas, no budget for regular Indian food.

[Picture courtesy of the Connecticut Avenue Blog, a site that has all the happenings of my 'hood]

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