Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Police State

Today when we came to school, they checked all of our student ID's. For people who parked in the parking lot, they asked to see school ID's and licenses. As I mentioned yesterday, the school formally says that a string of universities received bomb threats yesterday. And while this is completely true, there is also a rumor that our very own financial aid office received a bomb threat.

Not to make light of the situation, but no one would be surprised if this were true. I could just imagine the police investigation Law & Order Style:
Police- Is there anyone who you have had issues with? Anyone who would want to hurt you?
Financial Aid Office- The vast majority of students at the law school.

There were also police officers stationed outside our law school today: Pedestrian Safety Awareness Month! Just like at UCLA, police were handing out tickets to students who were jaywalking. I was going to say that it's less serious than the bomb threats, but not according to this funny sign with a sobering message (A pedestrian is killed every 3.5 minutes in American). I really need to return to my pre-DC days where I never jaywalked.

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