Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Book Bruises & Bombs

This morning in tax, my friend Jessie noticed a bruise on her inner arm. She concluded that the only way that she could have procured this bruise was from carrying her book. At that point, I think we both laughed about how sad/nerdy it was that we have "academic battle wounds."

Later in the day, I was riding up the elevator with my 1,700+ page Criminal Procedure book. I usually carry this book instead of put it in my backpack because it is so heavy. As I shifted my book between my arms, I noticed that I too had the book bruise.

So for those of you starting law school, you have been warned. In addition to worsening your vision and making your back sore, law school can also bruise you. (See poor artist rendition via paint)

In other news, our school had to close down at 10:20pm tonight because there have been a series of bomb threats at universities across the country. I am not sure which is more sad: someone randomly calling up schools and making bomb threats for no apparent reason; or the fact that there were people actually planning on working in the library that late on the second week of school.

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Smash said...

I have not yet noticed a book bruise, but I also have to carry that Crim Pro book in my arms--way too heavy to strap onto your back.