Saturday, August 04, 2007

The Long Road Home

One of my theories about life, that I have noted several times in this blog, is that traveling is horrible so you can appreciate your final destination even more. Yesterday/today was no exception, with one of my longest trips home. Moral of the story: if you want to get home on time, do not travel with me. After experiencing two days of major metro delays to work:
  • My Super Shuttle did not come and dispatch could not get a hold of it so I had to take a cab during Friday afternoon rush-hour traffic from DC to Baltimore. Fortunately Super Shuttle agreed to reimburse me, which is good because my tab was $70.
  • Boarding the plane was delayed half an hour because the incoming flight was late.
  • We sat on the runway for over an hour because they were not letting any planes takeoff. And of course, there were two screaming babies on the plane.
  • After finally landing, we had to wait over an hour for our bags because the conveyor belt on the baggage mover broke. The whole baggage claim area cheered when the carousel started moving.
  • Driving to San Clemente, Orange County closed its highways for repairs. We sat in bumper to bumper traffic on the surface streets, making the ride home two plus hours instead of one.
I finally got to San Clemente at 2 am (PST) after hours of delays. Considering that I woke up on Friday at 6 am (EST), it really did feel like the longest day ever. Fortunately, I had a very nice big comfortable bed to climb into as soon as I got home.

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