Friday, August 03, 2007

Final Burrito Frontier

Today's my last day at my externship and it has been a great summer. I accomplished everything that I wanted to do and more. I got to review a Supreme Court amicus brief, draft memos, help prepare Congressional testimony, have an op-ed I drafted be approved to be published, etc. There was one last thing that I needed to do: go to the burrito cart.

Since I don't get paid, I pack my lunch almost every day. But I had heard so much about Pedro & Vinny's, the burrito cart on 15th and K, that I had to go yesterday. It definitely lived up to its hype.

First, you have to get into the long line of regulars who know how to order their burrito. Fortunately, I had studied up so I also knew how to order like a pro. You order your kind of tortilla (regular, spinach, wheat, tomato chili, or onion garlic), cheese or no cheese, size (small, medium, or large), kind of beans (black, refried, or a black & tan combo), guacamole and/or sour cream, whether you want salsa, and what kind of hot sauce out of the dozens of choices. I picked his habanero mango hot sauce that the burrito man makes personally.

Besides the excellent vegetarian burritos, the overall experience is really fun. There's free chips while you wait, payment is all on the honor system as you put money in a box and take out proper change, and you get a york peppermint patty with your burrito. The story behind the burrito cart is also amusing to me. The original owner of the burrito cart was an attorney who needed to escape the cut throat law firm world.

Anyway, best $5 lunch ever, especially since I could only eat half of my burrito and saved the other half for dinner. If you work downtown, you have to go for lunch. This California girl approves.

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