Monday, July 02, 2007

Surprise Visitor

The only thing better than seeing Alex is having him surprise me with a visit. I was all ready to spend today in the library working on my comment but instead I got to...
  • Eat dim sum at Tony Cheng's in Chinatown. It was pretty good, but I'll be happy anywhere that serves me bbq pork filled bun baos.
  • Watch Ratatouille, which I also highly recommend. I'm putting cooking lessons, preferably in France, on my life to-do list.
  • Visited the National Museum of American Indians and Hirshorn Museum, two Smithsonian museums that Alex and I had never been to before. The American Indian one was pretty good, I especially liked their special exhibit on their clothing. The Hirshorn was a little too modern art (translate: weird). But the best part about DC museums is that you can spend tons of time in them or a little and not feel guilty. It's free.
  • Grabbed a quick snack at California Tortilla. Mmm, queso.
  • Created our own margarita Monday at my apartment with some tequila lime chicken and read by the pool.
I love having visitors. Seeing friends, family, or the boyfriend of course is the best part, but getting to be a tourist with them is pretty fun as well. It's easy to forget that you live in a really cool place with interesting (and often free) things to see.

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