Saturday, July 14, 2007

Law & Disorder

A few days ago I said that the higher I go in my education, the more people I find like myself. Well, I've also discovered some very strange people, even stranger than me.

Just yesterday, one of my fellow interns who goes to my law school told me about a girl in her section who lit a menorah in the middle of a final exam last December. Yes, while everyone was furiously typing their exams, she stopped to light a menorah she brought from home. The professor was so perplexed, all he could do was ask her to do it outside. How I did not hear this story in a school where stories spread so quickly is beyond me.

Now I am all for being proud of your religion, and I even know how people can turn to their faiths to help get through arduous times like final exams. I still ask my priest for a blessing before finals. But practicing a religious ritual during a test when everyone is trying to concentrate shows a lack of social skills and a disregard for others. People are nice to her, yet she still seems to be in her own world that does not care about other people. It's like those people who ask a million questions (known as gunners) even though they aren't relevant to class and it slows down learning for everyone. Just go to office hours!

You just wonder if these type of people can change or if they're pretty set in their ways by their 20s. And you also wonder who will hire these people to be lawyers in the future.

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