Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Boys' Club

I went from the fraternal Shriners yesterday to another boys' club today-- the big law firm. We went to the firm today to work on collarborative project and the only female attorney in the room was my boss.

The male dominated world at law firms, where females only make up 17% of partners, is certainly different than the non-profit world. In our office females outnumber men almost 3:1. However, it's not a new environment to this girl who was the only female on the district math team in elementary school and jr. high (nerd, I know), one of the few females on male-driven robotics team (even nerdier, I know), and a female in the political world.

Alex always asks me how I ended up with so many more male friends than female friends. I always thought it was because I had a brother and got along with males better. Although that may be true, I fianlly realized that it might also because I join so many male-dominated activities.

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