Friday, June 15, 2007

Middle Easting

Middle East issues have never been my particular area of interest. However, since my office does a lot of work with terrorism, habeas corpus, extrodinary rendition, etc., I thought I should read up more on the issues in the region.

The news that immediately caught my eye yesterday was the Fatah v. Hamas fighting. With images of masked men with huge guns taking over government offices, it makes partisanship in the United States look...well, nonexistent.

Wanting to get some general context to this situation in layman terms, I went to Wikipedia. Now I always take information on wikipedia with a grain of salt because I know anyone can edit pages, but I've never seen anything like this:

Fortuantely I took a screen shot of it because the edit was promptly removed by wikipedia in five minutes. While it was probably a joke, issues in that region seem to be so crazy that you really never know.

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