Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Rush Hour

As part of my new 9-5 routine, I get to ride the metro to the heart of the city during rush hour every morning. To say that the metro is crowded is an understatement. This Peep diorama, a finalist in the Washington Post's Peep Show, is a perfect depiction of rush hour. It was so crowded when I was coming home today that I had to wait for the next metro to come. Plus during the summer, it's especially hot, which makes people even crankier both on their way to and from work.

Maybe the sunny weather is making me more optimistic, or maybe the heat is making me more dellusional. Either way, I don't really mind rush hour metro'ing. I am a huge fan of public transportation- I even used the barely existent mass transit when I lived in California. And unlike in LA and other cities, I love the fact that a diverse cross-section of the DC population utilizes the metrorail and bus. Service workers, business people in suits, interns, tourists from all around, people of all races and socioeconomic levels. This also makes for great people watching.

Plus, it could be worse. I don't have reading that I need to rush home to do. I don't have to wait out in the cold, praying that the bus is running on time. And above everything, I don't have to sit in a car during LA rush hour.

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