Sunday, October 29, 2006

A DC Halloween

Sometimes when I'm wrapped up in writing memos and briefing cases, I forget that I live in probably the largest political hotbed in the world full of rampant politicos. Fortunately I have a roommate who will drag me out to a Halloween party full of politicos, if only for an hour so I can wake up early to continue working. Lo and behold, an apartment full of people with quirky political costumes that usually needed to be explained, but once they were, everyone got it and laughed. Some examples:

Description: Guy wrapped up in the tape of an audio cassette, with random quotes on his tshirt.
The Political Costume: The missing minutes of the Watergate Tapes.

Description: Guy in a suit, a girl with a sweater wrapped around her shoulders also wearing a Burberry headband, and a guy wearing a beret, tie dye, and carrying a poster.
The Political Costume: A World Trade Organization protester demonstrating infront of Republicans.

Description: Guy wearing a woman's tweed skirt suit, glasses, and boxing gloves.
The Political Costume: Janet Reno

Description: Guy wearing a cowboy hat with a conferate flag, big Stenson belt buckle, other cowboy things.
The Political Costume: President Bush

Description: Multiple guys wearing suits or little boy costumes.
The Political Costume: Foley-Bait

Honorable mention goes to some other non-political costumes that were very clever which included a girl who dressed up as Pluto, a girl with a black-eye and P's tapped onto her as the Black Eyed Peas, and my roommate who was a Ninja Turtle. As for me, I was a costume that only DC'ers would get. I dressed up all in gray and wore a campaign poster from the DC Mayor's race and held a flashlight up. Anyone who lives in DC knows how all the light poles are completely covered in these campaign posters right before the election. Yeah, it's only funny if you lived here and saw it but I got a lot of laughs for my last minute costume.

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Darth Bush said...

Description: Guy wearing a hood, directing corruption throughout the District, and the country as a whole. Ooops, your President of the United States. Sorry, couldn't resist.