Saturday, August 07, 2010

Senseless Crimes

There are some crimes that I understand. Obviously I do not condone them, but I understand why people commit them. For example, I understand why people steal. A person obtains possession of something he wants.  Vandalism though, I do not understand.

Today when I was walking home from Trader Joe's, I passed by Alex's car. The driver's side window was completely smashed in. However, there was no sign that a person even opened any of the doors to try to steal anything. The few things in the car were exactly as we had left them before Alex went on his trip.

Maybe there was some kind of story behind it. But if it was just for fun, even drunken fun, I do not get it. Why smash a window, why this car? What could possibly be fun about destroying someone else's property? Just like I do not understand why some GW students love pulling down ceiling tiles and smashing them when they are drunk. Perhaps I just hope that there is another reason because I do not want to think that there are people that are just that mean-spirited.

Even if it does not change anything, I just still wish I knew 'Why?'

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