Thursday, September 24, 2009

Well Suited

I love wearing suits. I love how you can feel polished and powerful just by putting on one. I love the feel of the lining on the inside. What I do not love is shopping for them.

Suit shopping for me is frustrating because for some reason, someone thought that women's suits had to be different from men's. While the standard men's suit comes in neutral colored and well-tailored, most women's suits are crazy colors and boxy. Big shots like Hillary may be able to pull off the bright suits (and even that is debatable), but I do not think it would fly for me in the legal profession.

What's more, designers feel the need to frill up women's suits with oddly placed zippers, buttons, patterns, etc. I cannot stand the funny pockets, darts, collars, or lengths.

I do not think that women's suits have to be carbon copies of men's, but I do believe that we should be able to wear suits that are flattering, feel comfortable, and allow people to take us seriously.

I am personally a fan of Nancy Pelosi-style suits. [To the left is the outfit she wore as her first day as Speaker.] Sleek and simple. Though I can't afford Armani like Madam Speaker, I was thrilled to find 2 Calvin Klein and 1 more suit each for $75. Thank you Filene's suit sale.

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