Saturday, June 27, 2009


It got hot. Like 90 degrees with humidity hot. It makes me lethargic, as do Saturday classes. So we'll just stick with bullet points. Here is what is helping me beat the heat (and those BarBri blues).

  • Friday Fun Food Day: This week was pizza from Vace, a little Italian deli with some of the best pizza in the city. Plump salty olives with homemade italian sausage, so good. My roommate and I invited over our sig-O's for a little pizza party. Vace Pizza + salad + garlic bread = double date for less than $20.
  • Lunch al Fresco: Had lunch with one of my UCLA bffs Greg outside. After being stuck in a basement classroom for bar classes, it is nice to see sunlight- even though it was sweltering.
  • Capitol Steps: Part of GW's orientation includes a performance by Capitol Steps, a singing political satire group. Since Alex works for GW, he gets to go free. It was hilarious. You can check out their songs on their webpage. They even got in a "Don't Cry for me, I'm in Argentina" song for Governor Marc Sanford.
  • Fro-yo: Haven't had it in a few weeks but man, I would kill for some green tea fro-yo with mochi and strawberries right now. So hot.
  • Property, Property, Property: And in particular mortgages, land sales, deeds, etc.
  • Lady at Starbucks: The one day I want to treat myself to an iced coffee before my Saturday class, of course I get stuck behind the woman ordering coffee for over 20 people.
  • Metro: Ever since the accident, the metros have been even slower and less frequently even though the number of tourists have gone up. What's even worse? Getting suck in the stinky Farragut North station because it's so hot and not ventilated.

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