Sunday, April 05, 2009

Law School Prom

Seeing as how law school is similar to high school with lockers, a cafeteria, and gossip, it is only fitting that we end the year with a prom (officially called Barrister's Ball). Here Alex and I are doing our best awkward prom pose and below is the obligatory group shot. Memories.

Despite some debauchery from a small group of students who act like they are in high school drinking for the first time, law school prom is what high school prom should have been. Just a good night out with friends and significant others.

No drama about finding a date or fluffy dress, no wasting money on getting your hair done up with so much hairspray you become a fire hazard, no serving on a prom committee and spending months arguing over a prom theme that no one remembers (yes, I was on the prom committee and yes, I can make a balloon arch). But alas, high school prom would not have been as memorable but for these teenage rituals.

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