Tuesday, April 07, 2009


Last semester I had a client in the law clinic that I felt really bad for. I remember going home during Thanksgiving and feeling guilty that I was leaving him all alone to endure the cold weather on the streets. I felt even more guilty when I had to tell him that I would not be continuing on his case in the spring.

Then I found out that everything was a lie. Everything that he told us, everything that made me feel bad for him, everything we told the court.

I felt so duped. I could understand why he did it, but I still feel betrayed. I know I should not take it personally, but when my clinic partner thought if something seemed "off" about our client, I defended him. I believed him and rationalized any holes in his story.

The clinic told us that many of us would experience clients who lied or omitted facts to us. I just did not think I would be the person who fell for it.

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