Monday, March 02, 2009

Snow Day

So that Winter Storm finally came. Today brought a few inches of snow and many cranky people. Maybe because it was a Monday, maybe because most people did not get the snow day off that they had been praying for all weekend. My roommate and I on the other hand were pretty happy. Maybe because we're Californians who still get excited about snow, maybe because we got a ride to school this morning meaning we did not have to actually slosh around in the snow.

Anyway, I love snow days. Sleeping in an extra half an hour because of the delayed start, listening to the soft sounds of shoveling of snow outside, observing the winter wonderland landscape on the way to school, seeing little kids pull sleds behind them, eating warm butternut squash soup for lunch, listening to classical music and editing while watching the snow fall outside. Those are some of my favorite snowy day things.

[Photo by Kevin Ambrose, courtesy of Washington Post]

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