Thursday, March 05, 2009

Non-Sissy Symposium

"Administrative law is not for sissies." (Antonin Scalia, Judicial Deference to Administrative Interpretation of Law, 1989 Duke L.J. 511, 511.)

And to prove that he's not a sissy, Justice Scalia confirmed that he will be speaking at my law journal's spring symposium celebrating the anniversary of Chevron, the landmark administrative law case.

Everyone on our journal, and at our school, was absolutely giddy when we found this out. While most of us do not agree with his opinions at all, there is no doubt that he is incredibly smart and his opinions, especially his dissents, are always honest and entertaining.

In preparation for his speech, I will provide some of my favorite facts about Scalia:
  • Michael Dukakis went to Harvard law with Scalia and thought he was an annoying gunner.
  • He was a Note editor for his law journal, just like me.
  • His nickname is Nino.
  • He is friends with my favorite justice, Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Ruth has a picture in her chambers of the two of them riding an elephant in India.
Sometimes I take for granted how lucky I am to go to law school in DC.

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Sarah K. Brown said...

ah! That's awesome! Go ALR! I kinda want to show up in my ALR t-shirt. When is it?