Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Back in the Day

My friend Lauren came into town this week and it was great having dinner with her. Not only did we get to share law school war stories, but we also reminisced about college life. No, we did talk about the "glory days" (I loved college, but have no desire to go back). Rather, it was so funny to talk about technology then--a whole 3 to 7 years ago.

Instead of the days of Twitter, in college we had AIM and those yellow away messages. I remember how great we all thought those away message were, and how we would come up with a saved list of witty messages. And unlike the red dot on gmail, the away message actually meant that we were away and could not respond to messages.

I can still remember when Facebook was this new thing that was only open to a few colleges. I remember how you could not tell who wrote what on each other's walls and how one person could edit another person's whole wall.

So much has changed in the way that we communicate in just a few years. It is almost scary to think about what will be around when we have kids.

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