Sunday, February 22, 2009

Tacos & Twelve Strangers

One of my favorite UCLA traditions is Dinner with 12 Strangers, where a UCLA alum hosts dinner for tw. I went every year at UCLA and I was happy that DC does it. This year, I helped Alex host an "upscale taco bar." We thought it would be fun to bring good Mexican food to the East Coast, since the restaurants here are underwhelming. In addition to simmering 10 pounds of pork in salsa verde for 4+ hours and shredding it, I had a lot of fun putting together the presentation of the table.
We all bonded over experiences of UCLA, shared inauguration stories, and made Oscar predictions. Overall the dinner was a great success. If the lawyer thing does not work out, I may have to pursue party planning again or opening up a taqueria.

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lifelessordinary said...

this looks fabulous!!! how does the dinner for 12 strangers work in DC? Is it alumni getting together or students who are interning for the winter?