Friday, February 20, 2009


Everyone always asks if I am coasting through my last semester because I am only taking two classes and I have a job after graduation. Not surprising to most people, I am just as busy this year but with other things like a social life.

The Bad of 3L:
  • Preparing logistics for the bar exam (character and moral fitness, hotel reservations, bar registration, bar classes, etc)
  • Paying for everything listed above
  • Finding jobs, hoping the economy does not take away your offer, or watching friends go through both

The Good of 3L:
  • Part-time schedule = 2 classes (which relates to the point above) + 2 jobs (which equals spending money)
  • More fun events with friends
  • For myself, knowing what I am doing after graduation and being excited about my job and the prospect of finally earning an income
  • Planning a bar trip

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