Sunday, January 04, 2009

The Real West Wing

For my fellow West Wing fans:

The West Wing opening credits, in my opinion, are the best of any television show. Every time I hear the opening theme and see the images, I feel optimism, idealism, and even patriotism. Silly, I know, but it gets me every time.

Now to see Obama and his crew's images woven in, I feel like the show is picking back up from where it ended two years ago. I am excited, but equally worried. Current events seem more turbulent that President Jed Bartlet's fictional worst days. Israelis and Palestinians are lobbing bombs at each other. India is pointing the finger at Pakistan for the terrorist attacks. Iran and North Korea have crazy dictators and nuclear technology. Russia seems like it wants to take over the world. And oh yeah, our economy is horrible and one of the appointed cabinet members who was supposed to help fix it, Bill Richardson, has withdrawn his nomination because of a federal investigation. And who would have ever thought that someone would try to sell the President-elect's senate seat. If Aaron Sorkin wrote this, we would not believe it.

I guess now we will have to wait and see how the plot evolves.

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