Thursday, January 15, 2009

Long Weekend

Inauguration Countdown: Five Days
Weekend Count: Day one of my six day weekend.

Fun Facts: George Washington's first Inauguration Day was April 30. Then every President after that, until FDR, was sworn in on or around March 4. Could you imagine an even longer transition period than we have now? Abe & FDR had to wait four months to deal with the difficult situations that US was facing. It would make for a warmer inauguration though. But alas, the Twentieth Amendment had to change Inauguration Day to the twentieth of January.

I guess DC lucked out that this time around, January 20th falls on the day after Martin Luther King Jr. day. Symbolically appropriate and logistically terrific for a long weekend.

Thank you MLK Jr. & Barack Obama, but for more than just the days off from school.

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