Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Adios California, For Now

Last week when I was driving from Santa Barbara back to my home, I was once again struck by how beautiful this state is. I usually abhor driving, but that particular drive is gorgeous because you get to see so many aspects of the state. From the winding stretches along the crystal blue coast, the inter passes between rolling mountains, and the miles of orange trees, vineyards, and other agriculture. Along this route, Alex and I have stopped for everything including fresh honey, homemade tacos from a truck, wine, and produce. Plus it helps that it is one of the few highways in California that does not have a lot of traffic.

During that drive, I again wondered why I ever left California. And so I had to again tell myself: I had to leave so I could come back and appreciate in a way I never did before.

It's been a good 2+ weeks in the Golden State. I got to have a lot of quality family time, see friends, visit Alex's family, go to two amusement parks, eat Vietnamese food, and enjoy the relative warmth. It's strange flying back to DC thinking that this may be my last time in California until the bar exam in July. And it's also strange not knowing when I will be back to California permanently. Maybe in the fall, maybe in a year after that. But I do know that I will be back. (in the immortal words of our governator)

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