Saturday, December 06, 2008

"You don't look like a terrorist . . ."

Older Woman: Oh no! They told me that the bank would be open today but it's not. I called them, they said they would be open. Would you help me with the ATM? I have arthritis and can't press the buttons. I also don't know how to use it and think it will eat up my card.
Me: Um, ok. (in my head, I am thinking about the likelihood that this woman is a con-artist using me to get out money for her)
Older Woman: I mean, you don't look like a terrorist. You just look like a student and I am an old lady. I just need to get money out before my trip, I would really appreciate it if you would help me.
Me: Sure, I guess. Where are you going?
Older Woman: Hawaii, and then Russia. (she looks at me) You know next year, I am going to China.
Me: (I know what she's thinking, she thinks I am Chinese)
Older Woman: Are you Chinese?
Me: No
Older Woman:
Me: No, I am Vietnamese.
Older Woman: Oh. My son is a translator. He is marrying a nice Korean girl.

Luckily, its our turn at the ATM now and I try to help her but after a few attempts, her pin code to her new card is not working. Of course I think now that maybe this was a whole scam and she would ask me for money or something, but instead she thanks me for helping her.

Have I grown this skeptical of people? Would she have asked someone who looked like a terrorist? What does a terrorist look like? Do I look that young that its noticeable that I am still a student? Why does everyone think I am Chinese? So many questions . . .
In other news, UCLA lost but we covered the 33-point spread and did not get blown out by USC as most people predicted.

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