Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Kiddy Christmas

The best part about having cousins significantly younger than you is that it gives you an excuse to do fun kid things. Since I have returned to California, here is what my days look like:

My cousins Matthew (4) and Erik (7) beating me at Mario Kart Racing, Wii Tennis, and other Wii games.
Going to Target, playing in the toys section, and watching my cousins run around after downing Icees. Eating Reese's Puffs for breakfast (along with some grown-up cereal) and heading to Disneyland, at which we got splashed on Splash Mountain. Riding the new Astro Blasters ride in Tomorrow Land and beating my mom (pictured with me) and everyone in my family by getting to level 4.
Wrapping up a long day at Disneyland with a picture by the tree. Then going home and having some Mac & Cheese. More fun to come, I am sure, on Christmas Eve.

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chaka said...

Matthew's a much older man, he's 4!
and his raspy voice shows it.