Thursday, December 11, 2008

Finals Winners & Losers

On my last day of studying before my final final, here are my winners and losers of this semester:

  • Bus drivers who go out of their way to make sure that all the passengers know to get onto the bus even when the sign is broken.
  • Friends who bring gingerbread cupcakes, an instant cure to a long day of studying, to the journal office.
  • A boyfriend who deals with you when you are acting crazy.
  • Hometown girl Carla on Top Chef (Hootie Hoo) and Homestate boy Fabio ("Colicchio is for me, is like, if you're a priest and there is the pope in the room") for bringing positive attitudes. Yes, I am claiming DC and CA as mine.
  • Fishbowl crew for making finals as entertaining as it could be.
  • Cars that speed down residential areas during downpour, thus splashing eco-conscious pedestrians on the sidewalk waiting for public transportation.
  • Self-righteous law students who belittle people who take "easier" professors. Hey, you knew what you were getting into. (note: no one said this directly to me, it was just annoying to listen to)
  • Yoda, Dilbert, Tass, Rocky (the names of our law school printers who decided to go on strike against us during finals)
  • Opposing counsel who decides that things must be done right now, even though he was the one who ignored us for 3 weeks.

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