Sunday, November 16, 2008

Winners & Losers

  • Mom: Happy Birthday! Can't wait to see you soon.
  • The New Priest at Church: Gave a great homily explaining a parable that I always had difficulty understanding. Bonus points for pop culture references like Donald Trump.
  • Faith: Thanks for sharing a love of reality TV with me and for giving me ScentedGlossyMagazines, a Bravo-recapping website that is terribly addictive.
  • Firefighters: From the ones fighting fires in LA to the one profiled on Extreme Home Makeover, thanks.
  • Staff at Asian Restaurants who Racially Profile: Always questioning Alex's orders and not mine. If we ordered Beef and Tendon soup, then someone at the table probably wants to eat tendon. Little do they know that I am the far less adventurous eater.
  • Mean Girls: Sheree & Kim (Housewives of Atlanta), Sam, Clark & Co. (Top Model). Here's to hoping that your meaness does not prevail in the end. Go team Nene and McKey/Analeigh.
  • Out of Control Prop. 8 Protesters: Harassing a restaurant to the point that the owner and staffers cry and donate money, all because one person donated $100 to Yes on 8, is not going to do anything except make our side look like bullies. [LAT story]

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Lauren said...

Our homily consisted of a biography of FDR and a tangent on universal health care. It took a little effort to tie it all back to the gospel but hey, I'm not complaining!