Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Revenge of the Nerds

Today, law students across the country found a new hero: Alex Botsios, a 1L from ASU Law School. Above the Law, the infamous law gossip blog, reported this local news story:
Last week, [Botsios] left a window open overnight, and someone snuck into his Tempe apartment to steal his stuff.

. . . Botsios said he had no problem giving a nighttime intruder his wallet and guitars.

When the man asked for Botsios' laptop, however, the first-year law student drew the line.

"I was like, 'Dude, no -- please, no!" Botsios said. "I have all my case notes... that's four months of work!"'

That's when Botsios showed him exactly how important case notes are to a law school student. He wrestled away the intruder's baseball bat, punched the guy repeatedly, and called the police.
I think every law student has nightmares about how bad it would be to lose one's laptop, whether by computer failure or theft (note to self and others: back-up files), and many people would have done the same thing. Take my other stuff, I will give you money, just do not take the laptop.

Interestingly, I think Above the Law ommitted the best line from the original story: "It's my baby," [Botsios] said. "Don't mess with my computer."


[title stolen from a fellow law school student, picture stolen from my roommate who captured me during the 2006 election watching my laptop and our then, tiny tv--showing how attached I am to my computer]

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