Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Regulator

Usually I love my job at the law school--putting on events and giving advice to 1L students--but it has become more challenging this year with the unruly behavior of the first-year students. Even though all older students look down at the the youngest students, these students are just rude. I volunteered to be "bad cop" because I will be graduating, but it has become much more work than I thought.

Today we had an event with lunch and some 1Ls from other sections came and stole food when there was a long line of people waiting to attend the event. One walked away and kept going when I said, "excuse me!" Then I ran down the hallway and just yelled, "Fine, just keep walking away from me!" I think I actually scared him because he sincerely apologized. I have no idea what made me snap, but I have become that psycho 3L chasing people down hallways yelling.

Another two guys lied to us about what section they were in (strike 1), had the nerve to eat the food right in front of us instead of going to the event (strike 2), and then when I confronted them about it telling them that they were being completely disrespectful, they did not apologize, say anything, or even flinch (strike 3).

I was so angry all afternoon about this incident that I went to go talk to my supervisor. I know I do not even handle the worst of the kids. My friend Christy works in DC public schools where teenagers bring automatic weapons and Alex has to deal with the college kids dealing drugs at GW. I guess I just expected more from law students.

When I asked my supervsisor if this is how parents felt--the frustration of blank stares, complete disrespect, having kids not know right from wrong--he just laughed at me. As though there was any question before, I am not having children for a very long time. Kids these days, no respect.

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