Thursday, November 06, 2008

Election Day In Pictures

November 4, 2008

5am: Wake-up and head to the polls to do Election Protection with the Asian American Legal Defense Fund. As you can somewhat tell from the picture, it is still dark outside.

Hanging out next to someone from the Teacher's Union and Obama campaign (loved the sequined red, white, and blue flag hat).

9am: My morning shift ended when my roommate's began. We loved watching the older couples hold hand and walk to the voting booth, especially when they were supporting Obama gear. I had a good feeling about the day when most of the surveys that I administered said that they voted for Obama.

11am: As I was playing around with my new camera, I unintentionally took a picture of my Law Students for Obama pin, which has Obama's Harvard Law Review Editor picture, on top of the law review papers I graded during the breaks in my day.

1pm: Made a stop at Capitol Hill to meet my friend Chrissy at Hawk & Dove. Of course DC bars have election related cocktails. I did not partake, but we definitely saw a lot of people start their drinking early (Long Island Ice Tea at 1pm)

4pm: Free Krispy Kreme and Starbucks on election day means I get a dose of sugar and caffeine to keep me going during this long day.

7pm: Sports Bars in DC = Election coverage on five televisions right in front of us (and many more around the bar). Even though other networks called states earlier, we did not believe it until we heard it from Wolf.

In 2004 Alex campaigned for Dubya. This time, he wrote me in for President. I think we're making progress. Maybe in four years that light pink shirt will be replaced by a light blue shirt.

Law school friends enjoying election coverage and chicken wings! Unfortunately some of our gang fell victim to the plague going around at our school and could not make it out.

11pm: And we all cheered when they announced Obama President Elect! Love being in DC with 93% voting for Obama.

12am: I think a lot of people teared up watching Obama's acceptance speech. Definitely worth missing the metro and having to wander around DC trying to get a cab.

1:30am: Got home and amazingly not as tired as I thought I would be for waking up at 5am. Fueled by hope.

The end.

[A few more pictures available on my flickr account]

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