Sunday, October 26, 2008

Election Countdown

My friend's gchat status noted that we have finally moved into single digits until the election. I cannot believe that after years of following this campaign, it will be over in nine days. In honor, here are nine election notes:
  1. Write-in: I wrote-in my AP Government teacher in for the 25th Congressional District of California. My current congressman and former neighbor, Buck McKeon, will probably win in a landslide, and there was no way I was going to vote for the Democratic sacrificial lamb (er, candidate) who had no qualifications, so why not give it to the teacher who gave me my own pocket size constitution and hooked me onto politics.
  2. Wingtip Warriors: I have done zilch for this election, but I will be monitoring polls on election day to be on the watch-out for wrongdoing. Slate has a great article on why lawyers are "our last [and] best hope for an honest election day."
  3. No on Prop 8: Maybe it was my late night writing or my dad's early morning reading, but he thought I was telling him to vote Yes on Proposition 8. Fortunately my mom cleared things up, but I am still in shock as to how my dad thought I could have supported the proposition.
  4. Facebook Political Beliefs: Thanks to facebook, now I see where everyone in my high school stands politically. People did not really talk about it in high school and I guess people were more apathetic/less vocal in 2004. Now everyone is coming out of the woodwork via facebook statuses, posted items, and support pages. Not surprisingly, many of my Mormon classmates are vocally supporting Proposition 8. But I was pleased to see how many people are online campaigning for Obama/No on 8.
  5. Palin Gone Rogue: Part of me feels bad for John McCain. The other half of me does not because someone who is running for candidate has to make and take ownership of decisions. I wonder if he's really regretting picking Sarah Palin now that she's "gone rogue" and is now pretty much campaigning for her own political future.
  6. Joe the Plumber: I cannot wait until this election is over just so that I will never have to hear about Joe the Plumber again. As though it was not bad enough that he is referenced in every rally, now there are commercials about him.
  7. "It's not worth winning if you can't win big" --Mighty Ducks: This might sound greedy, but I do not just want to win, I want this to be a sweep. I am really over close elections that come down to one state.
  8. Bravo Bravo: Thanks for playing the last season of West Wing now in the morning. As though I wasn't obsessed enough with election coverage, now I can get my West Wing fix when I get ready for school.
  9. "You Can Vote However You Like": This video instantly brings a smile to my face:

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Joline said...

Mighty Ducks!

Quack. Quack. Quack. Quack.

Here's to a clean sweep! (and dreaming big: a filibuster proof senate majority) I'll be obsessing from across the world.