Wednesday, October 15, 2008


While most of my friends were tuned into the debate, my roommate and I had two of our friends over to watch the Project Runway finale. Priorities, people.

The reality is that these debates are not going to change my mind about anything, especially since it is the third debate. Moreover, all of the news networks will repeat or show clips with tremendous amounts of commentary for the rest of the week.

More importantly though, our Bravo reality-show finale parties have become a tradition during my law school experience. For every Project Runway and Top Chef finale over the past two years, my friends and I have put aside all of the work that we have, masterfully prepared party food (fondue parties, dip challenges, Chicago-themed), and formed allegiances (Team Hung v. Team Casey, Team Leanne v. Team Korto).

The Season 3 Project Runway finale was actually one of the first times I hung out with people who are now my best friends in law school. How could we not get together to watch what could be the last season of Project Runway before graduation and we all disperse. Like I said, priorities.

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