Saturday, September 06, 2008

Tropical Storming

While everyone was freaking out about Tropic Storm Hanna, I think my roommate and I were eager to spend the day lazing around the apartment--especially since my journal postposted training due to the weather. I watched My Super Sweet 16 episodes and college football with my roommate, cooked enough food to last me all week (no exaggeration), finished cover letters, and did a whole bunch of stuff for school. Being on lockdown aint so bad; it actually makes me productive.

I realized that I love rainy days, so long as I do not have to go outside (it helps that our building has its own gym, business center, and tunnel to the grocery store). Even though Hanna was not as bad as many people predicted, I think we'll be prepared in case a real tropical storm or hurricane hits--especially since my roommate got me a scrabble board for my birthday. That's hours of entertainment right there.

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