Wednesday, September 03, 2008

"Hot Babe" VP?

I could write a lot about the Republican pick for Vice President, Governor Sarah Palin. About public versus private life, about how unimpressive I find her, about what this says about McCain's judgment or lack thereof, about what this says about the different factions of the Republican party, about how this is historical, etc. But alas, it's only the second week of class and I already feel swamped with work.

So I'll just comment on one thing that really bothers me more than anything. People calling Palin a "hot babe" (in particular good ole Rush Limbaugh) or people I know using the term VPILF (think MILF). I would not be so bothered if this was just a few shock jocks using these terms for ratings; no, this is from people I actually know.

Call her attractive, because yes, she is a good looking woman. Call her principled, dedicated, a reformer, etc-- if you think that's who she is. But those other terms or phrases, it makes me want to throw-up. It's not funny, it's chauvinistic and annoying.

A hot babe or VPILF, yes, that's what we really want girls aspiring to be when they grow up.

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