Saturday, September 13, 2008

Go Bruins! Go Buckeyes!

Among the many reasons why fall is my favorite season is because of college football. I worked all day yesterday in preparation for today: Cal (#23) v. Maryland, UCLA v. BYU (#18), Michigan v. Notre Dame, and USC (#1) v. OSU (#5). So many good games, it's like Christmas.

In addition to cheering for the Bruins, I'm cheering for Ohio State. A lot of people, mainly those who did not go to UCLA, think that we should be cheering for USC because they are a fellow California, Pac-10 team. However, here are the reasons why any self-respecting UCLA fan would never cheer for USC:
  • Even though USC is in the Pac-10, the nation does not look at them as a Pac-10 team. As much as it pains me to say it: USC has been a national powerhouse for the past few seasons. Their wins and losses are not a reflection on our conference, but rather just a reflection on the record of a team that is supposed to win.
  • OJ Simpson, Cindy McCain, 'nuff said.
  • Most USC fans, the majority of whom are bandwagon fans, are obnoxious. After going to four UCLA v. USC games during college and seeing students tailgating out of limos, having them tell me that their dad's taxes pays for my education (um, ok?), hearing their racial epithets, and being flipped off by a Trojan fan infront of her grandkids, I have no desire to allow these fans any more reason to gloat.
  • The USC fight song is the worst tune ever, and the less they score, the less they play it.
  • California is a blue state, not red.
  • USC is UCLA's rival. Rivalries mean that you are allowed to dislike the other team irrationally and unconditionally.

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