Monday, August 11, 2008

So So-Cal

While I was at church this morning, one of my fellow parishoners was competing in China against China:
Apparently Kobe Bryant got married in and attends the church I go to in Orange County. I have yet to see him there (I guess he was a little pre-occupied training this summer) but the rest of my family has. Considering that I feel like I stick out amongst the 98% white parish where most men wear Tommy Bahama Hawaiian shirts and the majority of women are blonde, I have a feeling that Kobe is easy to spot.

Sometimes you forget how surreal it is to see these celebrities do normal people things like go to church, ride in elevators (saw Ice-Cube), eat lunch (saw Steve Martin), and get legal advice (sorry, confidential) around where I work or live in California. There is also the movie-filming. When I walked into my home-town mall on Thursday, I was scared when I saw Christmas trees in August. Fortunately they were just filming Drake & Josh's (Nickelodeon tv stars apparently) holiday movie.

Only 2 more days until my celebrity-sightings in California are replaced with politician-sightings in DC.

[Photo courtesy of ESPN/Getty Images]

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