Sunday, August 03, 2008

Only in the US of A

Since I last posted I have been busy moving out of Santa Barbara, finishing up work at the firm (which I'll post about later), returning to San Clemente, editing papers on the beach, and showing my second cousins from France around Southern California.

The last has been the most fun. While showing them what life is like in California/USA, I am also getting to experience my favorite parts about my home state before I return to DC. I have also realized how unique CA and the United States are from everywhere else. Here is just some of the things that they have gotten to see and experience (with and without me) that they don't get back in France:
  • Feeling an earthquake.
  • Lounging on the beach and watching the hardworking lifeguards in action (apparently they don't do anything in France)
  • Seeing Arnold Schwarzenegger's name on my diploma. One of my second cousin's is a huge Arnold fan and wants Arnold to adopt him.
  • Tasting Pink Berry-esque frozen yogurt and fruit. They loved the self serve machine, being able to pick out as many toppings as they wanted, and paying by the ounce. They hope it comes to Paris.
  • Observing the weirdos at Venice Beach.
  • Going to Costco, seeing how huge it was, sampling products, and finding everything there ("they have tvs, food, everything!").
  • Eating, and loving peanut butter. Some other American favorites that they are bringing back with them include oreos, girl scout cookies, Ritz crackers, and craisins.
  • Seeing really big cars.
  • Visiting Little Saigon, which is about 20x bigger than any other Vietnamese community outside Vietnam.
  • Las Vegas. 'Nuff said.

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