Thursday, August 14, 2008

Home Sweet Home

If luggage weightlifting was a sport, I think I would win a gold. I think I lugged at least 100-120 pounds of luggage through LAX and Dulles airports: my huge suitcase that I had to weigh several times to get below 50 pounds, another large suitcase, a duffel bag, and my everything shoulder bag that included my heavier-than-it-looks laptop.

I still do not know how clothes weigh so much, especially summer clothes. But I am glad that I weighed my bags beforehand and did not get slapped with a fine like the guy behind me with a 65 pound suitcase.

The woman at the flyaway bus in DC was really concerned that I was going to try to schlep this all through rush hour metro. She also asked me if I packed bricks, which is a question I seem to get a lot from skycaps. I really need to start packing lighter or make up my mind of where I want to live so I don't keep moving from coast to coast.

After a good summer in California, I am glad to be back in DC though. Humidity, sore arms, and all.

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