Friday, August 08, 2008

Go USA (via UCLA)

Today I took my ethics exam at UCLA in the same exact room where I took so many courses, including a class with Michael Dukakis, and had LSAT classes. In addition to experiencing all the nostalgia of being back on campus, there was a sense of pride that was duly fitting for today, the first day of the Beijing Olympics.

/Commence UCLA gloating/ See, in addition to having stellar academics, we have the most national championships out of any university and are an Olympian-producing machine. Here are some interesting factoids:
  • This year UCLA is sending 33 athletes and 5 coaches to the Olympics.
  • UCLA has medaled in every single Olympic games in which it has participated.
  • In 2004, UCLA sent 57 athletes and coaches to Athens to represent the US and 13 more to represent other countries. That's the most athletes out of any university.
  • In 2004, UCLA brought back 19 medals. If UCLA were a country, it would have placed 14th overall in the medal count.
  • Americans brought Westwood's infamous Diddy Riese cookies all the way to Beijing.
  • Michelle Kwan, Jackie Joyner Kersee, Gail Devers, and Reggie Miller are just some of the Olympians from UCLA. (full list here)
I LOVE watching the Olympics and you can obviously tell I have a great deal of love for my alma mater. Put it together and I am very excited for the games to begin.

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