Saturday, August 16, 2008

City of (Brotherly) Love

During my first year of law school, one of my favorite professors accidentally called my friend Vicki and I 'Ms. Lee' on separate occasions even though that was neither of our last names. Although he mistook both of us for the third Asian girl in the class, Vicki did in fact become Mrs. Lee today.

My friends and I roadtripped to Philadelphia, tried the original cheesesteak, attended a beautiful ceremony, teared up, cheered, laughed at pictures during the slideshow of their childhoods, ooh'ed and aww'ed, and watched our little Vicki get married. She is always a fun-going person but we have never seen her and her now-husband happier and smile so brightly.

This was my first wedding of a really good friend I have been able to attend and it was great. And only 2 more weeks until I head back to California for the Sri Lankan/Military wedding of my high school friend. The fun has only just begun.

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