Monday, July 21, 2008

Heroes of the Week

Kudos to the people who have done the "little things" this week to make me happy.
  • Joey and his crew, A.S.I.I.D,. on America's Best Dance Crew for showing people that having a disability does not have to slow you down. Joey is deaf but never let that slow him down; and he had a great crew from the streets of Detroit to support him. I almost teared up when they got kicked off (bad voting America!)
  • The sassy train conductor who sternly but politely put the loud drunk guy in his place, threatening to kick him off if he did not quiet down. Greatly appreciated on my very long train ride.
  • My McGuyvor-like parents who knew that mixing a little salt and water, and then microwaving it, is an adequate substitute for the saline solution I forgot for my contacts.
  • My uncle and friends for trying to help me solve my computer woes.
  • My friend Alex who is also applying to clerkships and has shared a lot of advice with me.
  • The Irish Consulate for posting notice on our doors telling the Irish kids to stop being an embarrassment to the country. It has been so quiet lately.
  • My friend Caitlin who is going to Tanzania to help orphans. (ok, doing more than a "little thing")

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