Friday, June 20, 2008

Paradise City

After finding out that I got the job in Santa Barbara over winter break, I opened up the United Airlines magazine to find a full spread on Santa Barbara. Beside this picture, the article started off by saying: If you could work in a place where most people dream of spending just a few days, would you? You would.

Now that I am actually working in Santa Barbara, it does seem like the place everyone wants to be. Walking down State Street, I feel like I am in a vacation destination with everyone wearing sundresses and resort attire, shopping at designer stores, and dining on outdoor terraces. Everyone looks healthily tanned and happy. It's like Paris meets the California beach lifestyle. Does anywhere here work? I feel horribly overdressed in my law-firm appropriate business clothes.

It is funny how spoiled people can get here though. People in our office were flipping out today because it hit the 80s. They were running around looking for fans and one lawyer even changed into shorts (yet still wearing his shirt and tie). After growing up in the valley/desert where 110 degree summers were the norm, or spending last summer in humid and muggy D.C., I will gladly take 80 degrees and sunshine.

[Photo Courtesy of Hemispheres Magazine]

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