Monday, June 16, 2008

I am my Father's Daughter

Whenever we head anywhere as a family, the scene always plays out: my dad and I are sitting in the car ready to go while my mom and my brother are running around the house still getting ready. My dad will always turn around and say to me "you take after me."

I always knew that I was similar to my mom in many ways. But it has not been I have gotten older that I have realized how many traits I have inherited from my dad. In addition to punctuality, we both are methodical planners, chocoholics, borderline obsessive compulsive neat-freaks, providers, risk adverse, somewhat pickier eaters (I think my dad was finally glad to have someone else in the family who does not eat fish sauce), news-junkies, worriers, and more.

I also think that I did not realize until I was older how underappreciated dads are. So thank you dad- not just for imparting the good parts of your personality on me and providing for our family, but being all around a good dad. Happy Father's Day.

[Picture: Dad in his pith hat in Vietnam-- fearlessly leading our traveling brigade]

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