Monday, June 09, 2008

Big Family Tree

Even though my immediate family is pretty nuclear--two parents, two kids-- I still consider myself as part of a big family. That's because my mom is one of eight and my dad is one of seven. And unlike many big immigrant families, everyone's here in the U.S. In fact, 75% of this extended family is in California. [Note 1: I just realized that our only family out of the state are my mom's sisters in MN and TX, and my dad's sisters in MN and TX. My life is eerily symmetrical.][Note 2: This is why I don't think I could live in DC permanently, no one of our huge family is around].

So when we have birthday bbq's like today, it's going to be a big get-together even if only a fraction of my aunts and uncles, with their families, attend. Just today we had 21 people (6 of whom are June birthdays), which is just the Southern California contingency. That's a lot of meat.

I cannot even imagine how big weddings for my generation (brother, cousins, me) are going to be, especially since there won't be any for a while and the family seems to keep getting bigger.

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