Friday, May 09, 2008


What makes a story juicy or a tragedy a cause? When does an event make it to the front page of the newspapers? To an event that we all talk and pray about? To an event we wear ribbons in honor of and hold fundraisers for?

I am not pretending to sit on some pedestal, knowing the answers to these abstract philosophical questions. I actually am trying to figure out why there does not seem to be a "buzz" about the disaster in Myanmar and why I, as someone who reads a lot of news, have not taken it upon myself to read in-depth about the issue either. It is always easy to blame the media, but they have put the story out there, albeit without the same kind of coverage as other stories.

A cyclone. Estimated fatalities of 100,000. Over a million and a half people severely affected. Political turmoil. A military junta blocking aid. A referendum during a national emergency.

I know it's hard to care or become emotionally attached to all news stories. This just seems like it would be the kind of story that would affect us, but has not.

[Reuters Photo courtsey of the NY Times]

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