Wednesday, May 21, 2008

California Adventures

Although I have visited California several times since I started law school, this will be my longest stay since I left in 2006. I actually felt disoriented today upon realizing that I would be here for the next three months. I had reset my laptop, cell phone, and internet settings to Pacific Standard Time because I would be here for more than my usual one-two week stay. It was weird thinking that most of my friends and the life I had grown accustomed to would all be three hours ahead. Even though I woke up fairly early today, it seemed like the rest of the country had already started without me. Thank goodness for the Sling Box though, I can still watch Top Chef on Eastern Time.

My blogging will probably be sporadic for the next few days, as I will be enjoying the state from top to bottom. Tomorrow I am heading down to San Clemente (which is between LA and SD for those not familiar with CA geography), Friday we will be driving up to the Bay Area for my brother's graduation, and then Monday we will head back down to Santa Barbara so I can get settled in and start work on Tuesday.

But in the words of our Governator, I will be back. For now, you can just imagine that my life is like this:

(I do not know if they play these commercials in CA, but I would actually get a tiny bit homesick when I saw them play these in DC)

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