Thursday, April 10, 2008

Wanted: Housing

Dear Santa Barbara,

I am really looking forward to moving back to California this summer and working off of State Street, but this housing search has become frustrating. After turning down some other offers because I thought I had locked down an apartment for a good price nearby work, the owner backs out on me. I should have never trusted a girl who took so many days to respond to emails.

You would think that such a nice place would have some decent housing options. But no. Everyone seems to be a pot smoker- excuse me "420 friendly." Alcohol- fine, smoking outside- whatever, but pot? I do not mean to be uptight because I know that a lot of people have tried marijuana, but 1) if you are a 25-30 year old "professional" and 2) smoke so much in your apartment that it is a requirement that someone must be tolerant, than its time to grow up.

It was so easy to sublet my apartment, I would think it would be as easy to get something. Maybe I will just take my friend's suggestion and pitch a tent on the beach.


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