Sunday, April 13, 2008

Summer Senses

It may be snowing in parts of the country, but it sure feels like summer in DC.

After the hot and sunny weather on Friday, Saturday ushered in warm thunderstorms. As Alex and I ran through the rain to pick up his car from the shop, I thought about how different the droplets felt from the freezing rain that my roommate and I ran through just a week ago. I am still amazed how the weather here fluctuates 30 degrees here day-to-day.

Although I was stuck inside for most of the weekend, outlining Administrative law, I opened up all my windows to let in the gentle breeze and bright sunlight. I could also hear kids playing outside and smell my neighbors grilling.

Apologies for a rather boring post. I get my first final tomorrow and being in finals mode makes me a pretty boring person. Only a few more weeks until my summer starts . . .

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