Friday, April 04, 2008

The (Long) Road to the Final Four

Live blog from Newark Airport in New Jersey!

Who knew that when Alex picked me up at 4am this morning that our path to the Final Four would be even more endurance-testing than it would be for the Bruins.

After getting to the airport for our 6:20am flight, we found out that our flight from Baltimore to Newark was delayed because of weather. Consequently, we missed our connection to Austin and spent the next hour working with the ticket agent to get us to Austin or San Antonio (only about an hour apart). Ultimately, she found one ticket from Newark to San Antonio, which she gave to me. She put Alex on stand-by for my flight, and also booked him a ticket from Newark to Austin which would leave later. Not ideal, but we had few options.

After a few hours in Newark, we find out that not only are they not taking any standby people on my flight, they are overbooked. Since Alex and I preferred not to get separated anyway, the attendants found us two tickets into Austin (that actually would get us in earlier than Alex's rebooked flight), and I gave up my seat to San Antonio for the Austin flight to get a $300 voucher and meal money.

Though it has been a long day, we were highly entertained when "Do you know how I am- Chief Investigative Correspondent for CBS" started yelling at the gate attendants because he came late and lost his seat due to overbooking.
He started yelling things like "You're going to be sorry!" "I'm an Elite member, I fly First Class!" and for some reason pointed at Alex and I because he claimed that since we gave up our seats, he should be able to get on. They tried to explain that only I gave up my seat because Alex never had one to no avail.

Dear Mr. Keteyian-

If you are going to start yelling at workers and busting our your title, know that little bloggers will document your temper tantrums. We don't necessary care that you have 8 Emmys because we just want to get to the Final Four too. Plus, we are stuck in NJ and therefore have nothing else to do.

-Kristina & Alex

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